Darragh Hayes – Why Personal One to One Training Works Effectively?

  No matter what your goals, whether it is stress reduction, weight loss, rehab from injury, sport-specific training or others, the personal trainer like Darragh Hayes may guide you to the right kind of workout suited for you.

It is like getting a tutorial in fitness once you work with Darragh Hayes. As multi-certified personal coach and trainer, your personal one to one training will be like getting a fitness education. There are 2 reasons and these include reducing the risk of injuries and techniques to get to your goals.

Fitness and exercise are sciences. There are numerous professional certifications and college degrees to qualify somebody as an expert in fitness. Never get downbeat on yourself if you aren’t facing your goals today. There is a big learning curve that 1-on-1 personal training may help bridge. There is also the problem with overeager gym-goer who wants to achieve some results in ways that put her or his body at risk. Hayes will help teach safe and effective methods to get to your goals. You must think sustainable fitness and not just cut weight.
Darragh Hayes thoughts about Sustainable Fitness 

Form is Crucial

Correct form plays an important role in protecting your body. Once you go to an average gym, it seems that everybody has their own perspective of the term “correct”. A lot of times people at a gym may work hard while not getting some results. You can be assured that with Darragh Hayes, you will only get the right form that is suited for your body without the need to waste your energy.


Personal one to one training is more efficient. Whether it is socializing, flitting your thumbs between the sets or playing on your smartphone, you are losing workout efficiency. In a group training, there are many bodies to round up and be ready for class while that could still be much efficient than without any structure. In personal one on one training, the best amount of structure is put in place. You aren’t waiting for machines or some group members.
Fitness is Basically More Than Just Exercise

Darragh Hayes will help you understand that fitness isn’t just an exercise, it is more like the term used for health as it has numerous components. Sleep, diet, and exercise is some of the things that make up health and fitness. Hayes has received an extensive training on fitness holistic side and holds some certifications in nutrition and life coaching. Hayes also tries instilling that fitness is a lifestyle, which includes things like nutrition and mental health. From the practical point of view, you will get better value for your money. Instead of hiring a nutritionist, personal trainer, and life coach, personal one on one training offers you with all of such services.

If you’re in Ireland or surrounding areas and want to get fit effectively, Darragh Hayes is your best resort. With someone who’s experienced and expert, Hayes can help you achieve results in 1-on-1 personal training. If you’re prepared to experience some life changing benefits, contact Darragh Hayes now.